Barcerado was formed on the fateful day that Bootsy Collins and Marvin Gaye fell into a volcano at the same time, instantly spawning the 7 members in the ensuing explosion. They are as follows:

ENRIQUE GARCIA – the songwriter, guitar player, singer, front-man and heartthrob of the group, Enrique is responsible for classics such as Find Me Somebody, Coffeehouse, and deep cuts like “YO son WHATS UP_m4a”.

LOGAN DAMERY – the drummer and general “actually make the band get gigs” person, Logan is the metronome that keeps things running on and off the stage. letsgocomeon. Sometimes dresses up like a cup.

ALEX TAYLOR – the keyboard player and resident chord genius, Alex also runs the mixing and is known to pull out solos so disgusting that they give the rest of the band intestinal issues for weeks. His immaculate beard and mustache combo is truly more powerful than Little Mac’s Side B.

CHASE COSTAIN – the bass player and energy bringer of the group, Chase often leaves the stage to start hundred-mile spice trade routes during shows. You must respect it. Legend has it that Chase once wrestled a megalodon on top of the highest point of Mount Vernon and won.

NICK BELLARDINI – the tuba player and horn writer, Nick is the guy that makes people say “wow, that band has a tuba!” and generally makes the hornline sound incredible. Nick has been known to accidentally cause magnitude 9.5 earthquakes across the globe.

NICK BAKER – the trombone player and hype man, Nick holds the group together with his sense of showmanship and chops on the horn. Nick also really loves gorillas and often dedicates his performances to Harambe. GDN.

RYAN WOLVERTON – Ryan plays trumpet, and is just happy to be here.